Feature Overview: Email Filters

Email Filters offer a 'hands-free' method of boxing your inbound emails. Set up rules in your Box to have certain emails automatically added to that Box, no manual boxing required! 

How Email Filters Work 

There are two types of Email Filters - one from a specific email address (such as example@streak.com) and another option to box all email from a specific domain (such as streak.com). When an Email Filter is added to a Box, any incoming email from that specific email address or domain will be automatically Boxed. 

A couple of important notes: 

  • Email Filters only apply to incoming email threads, but do not automatically apply to new sent emails. 
  • An Email Filter for a specific email address and/or domain can only be added to one Box at a time. 
  • Email Filters are personalized and will only apply to incoming email threads to your Inbox. If you add an Email Filter to a Box, this filter will not apply to incoming email threads in another team member's Inbox.

Creating Email Filters

To add a new Email Filter to a Box :

  1. Navigate to the Box Details View of the Box you would like to apply the Email Filter
  2. In the Email Filters section of the Box, add an email address or domain 
  3. Click the blue Create Filter button to confirm 
 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to Filter Emails"
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