How To: Add an Email to a Box

Streak makes it easy to organize your emails by grouping them according to your business processes into Boxes. Remember, a Box is a collection of emails and other content that all relate to a single customer, deal or candidate. Once you add your email to a Box, the next time you look at that email you'll see the full context and details of the Box right alongside.

To add an Email to a Box from your Inbox or from the Email Thread

When you have an email selected in your inbox, or you're looking at an email conversation:

  1. Click the Streak Box button in the top tool bar
  2. Select from the suggestions to either Add to an Existing Box or Create a New Box
  3. If you start typing in the search bar, then we search the existing Boxes and also give you an option to add a new Box with the name that you're typing

Selecting an existing Box behaves as you expect by associating the selected email thread to the chosen Box.

To add an Email to a Box from a new Compose Window

When composing a new email message, you can find the Streak Box button conveniently located in the compose window. 

Similar to above, selecting the Box button will allow you to either either Add to an Existing Box or Create a New Box. 

Once your email message has been added to a Box, you will see the Box details activated in the Box window. If you are still composing your message, you can hide the box information with that arrow icon in the top right.

How can I remove an email from a Box?

If you later decide that message should no longer be associated with the Box, you can click the trash can icon to break the link from within the Box's timeline. Please note that removing an email from a Box will not delete the email from your inbox. 

   In-App Tour: How to add an email to a box

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