How does Streak integrate with my email?

Streak lets you organize emails that relate to your business processes by adding them to a Box. Once you've categorized emails by adding them to a Box, the next time you look at that email you'll see the full context and details of the Box right alongside the email. The opposite is also true- when looking at the Box details, you will see the full email communication history with that customer.

Tech Talk: What really happens when you add an email to a Streak Box?

  • The thread ID of that email message is saved to the Box
  • This link will then show from your inbox, when viewing the email message, and when viewing the Box
  • Streak connects to the Gmail API using the thread ID to direct you to that email message in your inbox in the future
  • Because Streak only saves the message thread ID, and does not create a copy of the email message itself, you cannot delete the message from your inbox after adding it to a Streak Box (but you can archive it). 
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