How does Streak integrate with my email?

Streak lets you organize emails that relate to your business processes by adding them to a Box. Once you've categorized emails by adding them to a Box, the next time you look at that email you'll see the full context and details of the Box right alongside the email. The opposite is also true- when looking at the Box details, you will see the full email communication history with that customer.

Streak is a powerful way to share email as a team. When an email thread is added to Streak, other people on your teamcan view the messages, even if they don't have a copy in their inbox. Here are some example scenarios and explanations of how sharing and permissions work in Streak:

If you open an email from your inbox, and that email has been added to Streak by you or anyone else on your team:

  1. Streak checks the inbox of other people on your Streak team who are also included in the thread. If Streak finds additional messages in the version of the Thread in their inbox(es), we will show you an inline indicator that those additional messages exist.

When you open an email thread from inside of a box:

  1. If you have a copy of that thread in your inbox, Streak will take you directly to your version of that thread (and, as above, show you any additional messages that are found in other team member's inboxes)
  2. If you do not have a copy of that thread in your inbox, Streak will show you a read only version of the thread including all messages found in all team member's inboxes.

Permissions for viewing email shared via Streak:

  1. If the additional messages Streak shares includes at least one person not on your team, then we treat that message as External and it is shared to your team by default. 
  2. If the additional message Streak shares only includes people on your Streak team - both recipient(s) and sender - then we treat that message as Internal and it is not shared by default. 
    1. Internal email can be shared on a thread by thread basis. It can be shared either by A) a user requesting access or B) a team member who has the thread in their inbox explicitly shares the thread.

Proactively Sharing an Email to your Team

After you add an email to Streak you'll see a 'Shared to team' icon in the top right of the thread. There are 3 options to choose - note that the settings for sharing are the same for all users on your team (not possible to share individual messages with individual users):

  1. Everything - all messages in the thread are shared to all users on your team
  2. Just External Messages (default) - only messages that include a contact of someone not on your Streak team are shared
  3. None - no messages from the thread will be shared.

If multiple people on your team are on a thread, any individual can share to the team. If all individuals choose 'None' the thread will not be shared. If one team member chooses 'None' and one team member chooses 'Everything' Streak will honor the 'Everything' above the 'None'.

Tech Talk: What really happens when you add an email to a Streak Box?

  • The thread ID of the email thread is indexed to the Box
  • The box will then be shown in your inbox and when on the right side of the email message. When viewing the Box, you'll see a link to the email thread.
  • Streak connects to the Gmail API using the thread ID in order to direct bring you to that email message in your inbox. 
  • Because Streak only saves the thread ID, and does not create a copy of the email message itself, you cannot delete the message from your inbox after adding it to a Streak Box (but you can archive it). 
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