Feature Overview: Inbox Box Indicators

There are two In-App Tours available for this article titled "How to Change Inbox Label Settings" and "How to Change Pipeline Label Colors"

When an email is part of a Box, Streak can indicate that association using our label-like indicators. You can set your inbox indicators to show the Pipeline, Stage, Box name, or even who the Box is assigned to! 

This can be particularly handy, for example, in identifying which email conversations are in the Negotiating stage of your Sales Pipeline and need your immediate attention. 

To change this setting, simply go to the Streak Settings tab in your Gmail's Settings. Here you'll see the option to select which labels get added. You can select to show all 4 options in each email row, just one of them, or even none.

To change the color of the Pipeline label, hover over the Pipeline in the left side bar and select a color from the dropdown menu. 

To change the color of the Stage label, you will need to change the color of the Stage within your Pipeline. This can be done by hovering over the gear icon in the Stage bar. 

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