How does Streak find Related Boxes for emails?

One of the great benefits to using Streak inside your Gmail is the ease at which you can seamlessly integrate your daily email communications into your CRM. To make this process as easy a possible, we'll even suggest when an email should be added to a Box, based on prior email activity. 

The Related Boxes feature shows you all Boxes that may be related to the current email you're reading when you haven't yet boxed that email. When you open an email conversation, Streak will find and display other Boxes that may be related, and show it to you on the right sidebar.

By clicking on the Related Boxes dropdown, you can either navigate to the Box or add the current email the Box.

We will also suggest Related Boxes while you are composing a new email! After adding the email address in the To field, Streak will help surface relevant Boxes. By default Streak only indicates the number of Related Boxes, but if you click "Show" then you can see the specific boxes and take action right in the compose window. 

To hide the Related Boxes suggestions in the compose window, simply click the "Hide" link in the To field. 

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