Why does my version of an email look different that my co-workers version?

If you find that there are missing messages in your copy of the email verses your co-workers, you may need to check Streak's Unified Thread View for the messages you were not included on. 

To check the Unified Thread version of your email:

  1. Navigate to the More dropdown at the top of your email
  2. Select View Unified Thread

The Unified Thread feature should help find the rest of the thread that you were not directly included on and display it in "read only" format. This situation most likely occurs when, for example:

  1. An email is sent to multiple users
  2. User A takes the email, and replies directly
  3. User B does nothing

This generates two copies of the same email between two different users. When User B goes to the Box and opens it, we take them directly to them email in their inbox. However, it may look different than User A's version. 

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