How To Cancel My Paid Subscription

We're sad to see you go, but we understand that Streak isn't the perfect solution for everyone. If (when!) you change your mind in the future, we'll be happy to welcome you back to a paid plan anytime, no re-activation or setup necessary. 

To Cancel Your Paid Plan

  1. As the designated Team Payer, go to your Gmail inbox and click the Streak menu at the top right of the page
  2. In the menu, select the Teams icon:

  3. Scroll to the Plan section and click the 'Cancel Paid Plan' link
  4. We will ask you 2 questions about your reasoning for cancelling, we really appreciate the time you've been with us and really want to improve!
  5. After confirming cancellation your account will immediately be downgraded to the free Personal Plan
 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to cancel your plan"

Plans and Data

While features on on the Professional Plan will no longer be available after cancellation, please note that you can keep the Streak extension installed to access the Free Plan for unlimited access to private Pipelines, shared Pipelines with less than 50 Boxes, and our email power tools, including: Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Send Later, Snippets, and Thread Splitting.

Canceling your plan does not delete any data. We're happy to store your Boxes and Pipelines indefinitely, even after you choose to end your plan.

We hope to see you around!

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