How To Upgrade My Plan

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While you can use parts of the CRM and Email Power Tools on all of our plan levels, each Streak plan package includes a select set of features. Find our subscription prices and feature sets on our Pricing Page here

To upgrade your plan from Free > Paid:

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox and click the Streak menu at the top right of the page
  2. In the menu, select the Teams icon or select the green Upgrade Streak icon
  3. Choose one of the plan levels
  4. Add more users to your plan and click Continue
  5. Review the billing information and make sure it looks right, Streak does not process automatic refunds for mistakes, then click Subscribe
  6. Enter your credit card information and you’re all set!

Tip: If you see "Request Plan Upgrade from Team Owner" under the Plan section on your Teams page, then your user role does not have permissions to adjust your Team plan level. You can request that the Team Owner upgrade the Team with that link and they will be notified via email.

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