What is the billing schedule and credit card charge process?

When you upgrade your account to a paid plan, you will enter your credit card information for automatic billing. Here is how the Streak billing system works:

Renewal Date

On your monthly or annual renewal date, the system will attempt to bill your credit card.

If the card fails for any reason (for example, if the card expires or has been canceled), your Team Owner and Payer will receive an email with a link to update the credit card information.

Payment Failure and Delinquency

If your account balance is past due on 2 invoices, your paid subscription will enter a delinquent state and your account's access to your paid features will be locked. You will still have access to all your Streak data, but will be unable to add new information beyond the limits of the free plan.

To correct the credit card issues, your Team Owner and Payer can access their Teams page to update the billing information and reinstate the account.

Invoice and Receipts

Need to access your account's billing history? Your billing information and invoice details can be found in your account on the Teams page. Learn more here

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