How To: Create, Edit, and Delete a Box

A Box is the basic unit for your Streak CRM. For example, if you are working in Sales you Box might be a Lead, if you're a Recruiter your Box might be a Candidate. Because Boxes are such an important part of Streak, we have made it easy to create, edit, and delete your Boxes from anywhere in Gmail. 

Creating A New Box 

There are two methods to create a new Box:

From an Email Thread

  1. Navigate to an email conversation
  2. Click on the Box icon in the toolbar
  3. Click on Create New Box
  4. Enter the name of the Box or pick from the auto suggestions
  5. Click Create

A new Box has now been created and the email you're reading is now filed under that Box.

Tip: you can also create a Box from your inbox. Simply select the email you want to be part of the Box and then click the "Boxes" button and follow steps 2-5 above.

From the Pipeline View

  1. Navigate to a Pipeline
  2. Click on the New Box button at the top of the Pipeline
  3. This brings up a new blank row in the spreadsheet
  4. Enter a name for the new Box and hit Enter to save

Editing A Box

The amount and type of information in your Boxes will be determined by the column structure of your Pipeline. Once you have customized your Pipeline, you can edit the information of a Box with three methods:

From an Email Thread

Go to an email that is part of a Box, you'll see the box information show up on the right side. You can edit the Box information there.

From the Pipeline View

The second method involves going to the 'Pipeline' view where the Box is listed. In this spreadsheet table you can edit the Box information there.

From the Box View

For the third method you can go to an email that's part of the Box and then click on the name of the Box on the right side, taking you to the Box view. You can also go to the Box view by clicking on the Box icon in the spreadsheet table in Pipeline view. From the Box view you can edit the Box's information

Deleting A Box

There are two methods to delete a Box:

From the Pipeline View

In the Pipeline view click the checkbox beside a Box name. A button will appear in the toolbar Delete Box.

Click this button and confirm the dialog to delete the Box. You can delete multiple Boxes at once by having multiple Boxes checked.

From the Box View

You can also delete a Box from the Box details view. 

Note: Emails inside the Box are NOT deleted. But all Box information will be lost and unrecoverable!

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