Does Streak have a mobile app?

Streak for iPhone is just like Streak for Chrome, optimized for the small screen. Keep your finger (literally) on the pulse of what's going on with your customers and empower your team to collaborate remotely.

Downloading The iOS App

Streak for iPhone requires iOS 8.0 or later. You can download and install the app via the app store or click here

iOS Functionality 

Gmail, Baked Right In

Just like Streak for Chrome and Safari, the iPhone app is a tight integration between Gmail and the Streak CRM.  Access your Gmail from inside the Streak app.  Send and receive emails, edit Box data, add attachments - all without leaving the Streak app.

Make Updates On The Go

Just walked out of a meeting and want to enter some notes on a client? Want to assign a Task to a teammate? You can now update Streak Boxes on the go.

Send Repetitive Emails Quickly

If you use Streak Snippets on the desktop, you know that they can save you tons of time, and keep you confident that you're sending tried and tested text. On the phone, they're even more important - typing is slower, and copy-and-paste is more laborious.  

Keep Up-To-Date With Your Team's Activity

In Streak, you can view all the changes to your Boxes and pipelines by viewing the newsfeed.  On the iPhone, we bring you newsfeeds for Boxes and Pipelines, plus a new global newsfeed that covers all of your pipelines.

Looking For Android?

Streak's Android app is available for beta test! 

  • Go to this link and click the blue Join Group button
  • Accept the invite
  • Then, on your Android device, download the app here. Your Android device must be logged into Google Play using the email address as was used to join the Google group.
  • Email bug reports to
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