Streak Feature Guide

Streak has plenty of features to help your organization track work in a way that fits every team’s workflow, providing transparency and clarity to teammates. It’s easy to get started, and even as your team grows or processes change, Streak is flexible enough to adapt with you. Check out a comprehensive list of features to see even more ways you can use Streak.

Email Power Tools

Email Tracking - Lets you know when someone has read your emails. With Email Tracking, you'll be able to know exactly when a critical sales lead or customer has read your email so you can take appropriate follow up actions.

Send Later - Streak's Send Later feature lets you schedule new emails and email replies to be delivered in the future.

Snippets - Snippets are a great way to avoid writing repetitive emails by hand and help keep your messaging consistent. Create templates and shortcuts for messages you send regularly so that you can save time and effort in the future, without having to worry about typos or improper formatting.

Mail Merge - Mail Merge offers a way to send dozens of customized emails all at once using the data from your Pipeline or from an uploaded csv file.

Thread Splitter - The Thread Splitter feature in Streak lets you select specific messages in a conversation and split them into their own thread. This is useful when Gmail groups unrelated emails together with Conversation View enabled.

CRM Features

Pipelines - A Pipeline is used to manage a workflow or process that has multiple activities at any given time. For example, a Pipeline can help track the progress of a sale from start to finish.

Stages - A Pipeline uses Stages to define the milestones a typical sale goes through towards completion. These Stages help you organize your leads based on how much progress you’ve made with each of them.

Boxes - a Box is the individual unit you are continuously tracking through your Pipeline’s Stages, like a lead, opportunity, or deal. A Box is a container where you save all of the unique details, content, and information related to that lead.

Contacts - Contacts are the individual people that you interact with in your business process. You can save profile information for a Contact including phone numbers, email addresses, social media details, and more!

Teams - a Streak Team is a group of users that can share Pipelines, Boxes, and Contacts. Teams can be on our Free Plan or a Paid Plan.  

Pipeline Specific Features

Saved Views - A Saved View can show you a portion of the Boxes in your Pipeline and reorder or hide some of your Columns so you can easily view the data of most relevance at a glance

Custom Columns - Custom Columns are used to collect the specific details and information that you’d like to track in your business process.

Magic Columns - Magic Columns are system generated Columns that are non-editable and auto-filled by Streak itself.

Formula Columns - Formula columns are a type of custom column that lets you define a formula that gets evaluated to return a value using JavaScript notation.

Data Validation - Adding a Rule to your Pipeline’s Data Validation will enable the Pipeline Admin(s) to ensure certain pieces of data are filled in when the user tries to change the Stage of a Box.

Pipeline Permissions - Permission Roles allow you to assign different levels of Pipeline access to different users on your Team.

Pipeline Summaries - Pipeline Summaries let you see an aggregate value of a column on a group basis and over the entire pipeline.

Pipeline Visualizations - Pipeline Visualizations allow you to customize how you graph your pipeline data for deeper insights into your boxes at a glance.

Reports - Streak has built in reports that can analyze the health of your pipelines, giving you stats and trends on how your pipeline has evolved over time.

Box Specific Features

Call Logs & Meeting Notes - Call Logs & Meeting Notes track the activity that happen outside of email, recording the date, time, and type of each conversation.

Tasks - Tasks allow you to break down your Boxes into actionable activities that can be assigned to more than one user, tagged with a due date, and even synced with your Google Calendar!

Email Filters - Email Filters offer a 'hands-free' method to boxing your inbound emails using rules to have certain emails automatically added to that Box.

Linked Boxes - Linked Boxes offers a way to associate two related Boxes together from the same or different Pipelines.

Inbox Labels - When an email is part of a Box, Streak can indicate that association using our label-like indicators. You can set your inbox indicators to show the Pipeline, Stage, Box name, or who the Box is assigned to.

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