What's new in Streak with the new version of Gmail?

Google has been rolling out changes to Gmail with a brand new version launching recently. Read this article on how to enable new Gmail. The Streak team had to make a few changes to our extension to work properly with all of the updates to Gmail. Here's what's new:

Gmail Supports Native Snooze, Streak Deprecating Our Snooze

The new version of Gmail has its own native Snooze feature built in, so Streak will not be supporting our own Snooze feature with the new version of Gmail.

Notes: With the new Gmail Snooze feature, the "Snooze Only If No One Replies" option now defaults for all emails in snoozed with the new version of Gmail. If there's a reply to the thread before the email is scheduled to return to your inbox, the email will be automatically un-Snoozed and return to the inbox.

Any email threads you previously Snoozed within Streak will still be Snoozed under the "Snoozed by Streak" folder on the lefthand sidebar (see screenshot below), however, any emails you Snooze going forward will require using Gmail's Snooze feature:

Streak Upcoming Has Moved to the Sidebar

Streak Upcoming is now located on the right-hand side at the top of Gmail's new sidebar which you can click to show/collapse:

This is different than Google Tasks which is further down the sidebar:

Show/Collapse The Box Sidebar Inside Gmail's Sidebar For Quick Access When You Need It

You can click on any of the icons in the sidebar to show/collapse the sidebar.

With Hover Actions Activated, The Streak Box Button Will Be On The Right Hand Side In Your Inbox

Gmail has a new feature called 'Hover Actions' (enabled by default) that allows you to hover over an email thread to view the Streak Box icon, as well as Gmail's archive, delete, mark as read, and snooze buttons. Simply hover over the email thread with your mouse to see the Box and Gmail icons:

With Hover Actions Disabled - Streak's Box icons will be back on the lefthand side in Gmail

To Enable / Disable Hover Actions

You can enable or disable Gmail's new 'Hover Actions' feature inside of Gmail Settings (not Streak Settings):

Pro-Tip: To see more Box data each Boxed email thread from inside your inbox view, you can turn on the Box indicators in the Streak Settings under Gmail Settings:

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