How To Link Related Contacts and Organizations

If you’re using the Contacts & Organizations feature, you may have numerous Contacts that are related by organization. Streak offers the ability to Auto Link Contacts that are related by Organization as well as provide the option to manually link contacts within an OrganizationWith Linked Contacts, you are able to see all boxes relevant to a particular company. You will also be equipped with the power to navigate Organization hierarchy with just one glance at the Organization card.  

How it works

Linked Contacts and Organizations allow you to easily navigate through your Contacts. The most convenient way to view Linked Contacts is from the Contact or Organization card. 

Manual Linking

You also have the option to manually link Contacts. Links can be between Contact & Contact, Organization & Organization, or Contact & Organization pairs. Simply search for a Contact or Organization from another Contact or Organization to create the link. For users that exist on more than one team, links will only work between Contacts & Organizations belonging to the same team. That means your Contacts associated with your personal Streak account cannot be accessed in your professional account.

You can view linked Contacts natively in the Contact card. 

Auto Linking

When you add a new Contact to a box, Streak will do a quick search to see if an Organization exists with the same domain as any email address associated to the Contact. If found, the Contact will automatically be linked to that domain. Similarly, when an Organization is created, Streak will link all Contacts with an email address that have the same domain as the Organization added. The auto linked Contact will be indicated by the stars icon next to the right of the Contact name.

You can view all Auto Linked Contacts by opening the Organization card. This will display all of the Auto Linked and all manually linked Contacts. An Auto Linked Contact is indicated by the star icon to the right of the Contact’s name.

Managing Linked Contacts and Organizations

If you’d like to remove a Linked Contact or Organization scroll down and open the Linked section. Once you see the Linked Contact, open the dropdown menu (click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the Contact) and select the unlink option. 

If you permanently delete a Contact or Organization, Streak will also delete any Linked Contacts that were previously added. 



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