Feature Overview: Contact Columns

Streak supports multiple Contact and Organization columns within a pipeline. Contacts and Organizations are the individual people or companies that you interact with in your business process. 

For example, in real estate, you may want one column for a broker and a different column for buyer. Contact Columns enable you to have both, allowing you to set up your Pipeline to reflect the specific role of each individual.

Creating a Contact Column in Streak is easy. You also have the option to create a column for Contacts, Organizations, or both! Pipelines can have multiple Contact Columns and can be renamed to suit your needs.

Adding a Contact Column is as simple as adding any other column into a pipeline. There are 3 types that you can add:

  • All - a column that will display all Contacts and Organizations 
  • Contacts Column - a column that can only have Contacts
  • Organizations Column - a column that can only have Organizations

Once the Column is added to the pipeline, you can create a Contact manually, import the Contact and Organization via the Google Sheets Add-on, or copy and paste from another Contact or Organization Column. 

You can view the Contacts & Organizations from the Box details view and the Pipeline spreadsheet view. If a Contact exists in more than one column, we’ll indicate this by the displaying the name of the additional Custom Contact / Organization column below that Contact’s details. Contacts are also searchable from your inbox using the main Gmail search bar and autocomplete. 

Need to remove a Contact from the Contact Column? No problem! More information on removing Contacts and Organizations here.

If you need help getting started with Contacts & Organizations, check out this article for more information.

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