Feature Overview: Streak Contacts And Organizations

Contacts and Organizations are the individual people or companies that you interact with in your business process. Contacts and Organizations exist inside Boxes, which are the centralized location where you save all the emails, files, and details related to a sales lead, hiring candidate, support ticket, etc. 

You can add more than one Contact to a single Box if, for example, your leads have multiple associated people. You can also add the same Contact to different Boxes if, for example, a hiring candidate is applying for more than one position in your Hiring Pipeline.

What can I do with Contacts and Organizations?

Collect Data

Add context to your Contacts by saving their job title, phone numbers, addresses, list personal notes, link their social media profiles, and find all of their related Boxes in one centralized location- all on their Contacts Card!

Take Action

Once a Contact has been added to a Box, you can act on the Contact Card by sending them an email, giving them a phone call, scheduling a meeting, or even initiating a video chat with them on the spot! 

Star Them

Working with multiple people on the same deal? List them all in your Box and star the main Contact to highlight the decision maker. 

Share Them

Contacts and Organizations are automatically shared with your Team, giving you a complete and up-to-date picture of who is interacting with your business. 

Link Them

Add Contacts or Organizations to multiple Boxes across your workflows to see how they interact with your Deal Flow, Support, and Accounting Pipelines. Find all linked Boxes on the Contact Card. 

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