Using Streak Contacts And Organizations

Not only does Streak's Contacts and Organizations feature save contact details for the people and companies you interact with in your business workflows, but our Contacts feature actually makes it easier to interact with them! With the Contact Action Bar, you can initiate an interaction with the Contact or Organization with the click of a button! 

Accessing the Contact Action Bar

The Contact Action Bar can be accessed from the following 3 places in Streak:

  • from the Pipeline level
  • from the Box level
  • from the Contacts Card

Simply hover over the Contact or Organization or click into the Contact Card to find the Contact Actions Bar. 

Using the Contact Action Bar

The following actions are available in your Contact Action Bar:


Clicking on the mail icon  will open a new compose window to send an email directly to your Contact. To add this new email to a Box, select from the Related Boxes (found by clicking into the To field). 


Clicking the Calendar icon  will open a new Google Calendar tab to create a new calendar event. After specifying the date and time of your upcoming meeting, you can save your calendar event and send the meeting invite to your Contact!


Clicking on the phone icon  will initiate an internet phone call using Hangouts. Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from all countries where Hangouts calling is available. Calls to destinations outside of the U.S. are at low rates, but calling isn’t available to all locations. Please note that your computer must be able to connect to a microphone and speakers to work. 


Clicking on the chat icon  will open a Hangouts chat window to begin an online chat conversation.

Video Chat

Clicking on the video icon  will open a new Hangouts tab to initiate an online video chat. Please note that your computer must be able to connect to a camera, microphone, and speakers to work. 

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