Can I auto-populate my Contact data?

Streak's Contacts feature comes fully loaded with enrichment data sourced from your own Google Contacts, public websites, social networks, and trusted third party data sources, which means less manual data entry for you to worry about because we'll do the heavy lifting! 

After adding a new Contact to a Box, you can click on the Contact to open the Contact Card. Based on the Contact's email address Streak will automatically search your Google Contacts to find any matching data such as photo, phone number, or address. We will also leverage the public web to pull in personal info like title, company, and social handles. 

If a match is found, we will surface the information as a suggestion for you to preview indicated with a yellow banner. Click PREVIEW DETAILS to display the suggested contact information. You can then: 

  • click on UPDATE to save the suggestions to your Contacts Card
  • or you can click DISMISS if the suggestions do not apply 

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