Who can view and edit my Contacts and Organizations?

We've put Team collaboration at the center of your Streak Contacts. All Contacts and Organizations added to your Boxes will automatically be shared with the Team for them to view and link to other Boxes in your Team's Pipelines. Not sure who is on your Team? Learn how to check here!

Once a Contact or Organization has been created and added to a Box, your Team can then view this Contact in your Pipeline, add this Contact to one of their Boxes, or edit this Contact's details on the Contact Card. Keep track of who makes edits to your Contacts in the Contact Card History feed. 

Pipeline Guests 

A Pipeline Guest is someone who has been given access to a Pipeline, but isn't part of the Team that owns the Pipeline. When sharing a Pipeline, the last section of the Advanced sharing settings will list the Pipeline Guests. Pipeline Guests do not have access to the Team's Contacts and Organizations.

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