How To Customize A Pipeline's Columns

 There are two In-App Tours available for this feature titled "How to add a Column to a Pipeline" and "How to hide and unhide a Column in the pipeline"

When you create a new Pipeline, Streak automatically provides you with a handful of Columns to get started. Since every business differs, we highly encourage you to create your own Columns to track information that is specifically important to your process. 

There are two main different kinds of Column types: Custom Columns and Magic Columns.

You create a new Column by clicking the + towards the far right-hand side of the Pipeline, or right-clicking on an existing Column header and selecting Insert Column.

To rename a Column, double-click in the Column header to activate the text field. After renaming your Column, hit Enter to save. Please note that the following Columns cannot be renamed: "Name", "Stage", "Assigned To", "Linked Boxes", and any Magic Column.  

To adjust the size of your Column, hover over the stage and click the gear icon, then select the desired color from the menu.

To reorder your Column, simply click and drag the Column left or right. 

To hide a Column, hover over the Column name and click the arrow icon, then select Hide Column from the menu. Although the Column is hidden from view in the Pipeline Spreadsheet View, the data is still visible in the Box Details View

To unhide a Column, click on the double arrow icon in the Column headers.

To delete a Column, hover over the Column name and click the arrow icon, then select Delete Column from the menu. Deleting a Custom Column will remove the data from your Pipeline permanently. Removing a Magic Column will not delete any data. 

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