Working In The Pipeline Spreadsheet View

Spreadsheet Functionality

Edit your Boxes directly from the Pipeline Spreadsheet View with ease using these popular spreadsheet editing features, such as: copy/paste, undo, column freezing, column formatting, and hiding columns. 

Copy / Paste
Easily copy and paste custom data in bulk with the Command+ C / Command + V (for Macs) or Control + C / Control + V (for Windows) keyboard shortcuts. 

You can also copy and paste a Contact or Organization (or, email / domain) from one Contact/ Organization Column to another. Copy / Paste for Contacts and Organizations works across pipelines. Please note, if you have a Contacts only column, you won’t be able to paste Organizations into this column and vice versa.

Deleted one too many cells in the Pipeline Spreadsheet View? Just undo with the Command + Z (for Macs) or Control + Z (for Windows) keyboard shortcut. 

Column Freezing
Freeze important Columns so they're always in view as you scroll across your Pipeline.

Column Formatting
Column formatting options will make your columns more precise and easier to read. Formatting can be added to Columns of type: Date (including Magic Columns), Formula, or Free Form

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to use column formatting"

Hiding Columns
Want to hide a Column from the Pipeline Spreadsheet View without deleting it? Hide the Column from the Column menu, and easily unhide it when you need it!

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to hide and unhide a column in the Pipeline"

Pipeline Display Options

The three buttons to the far right allow you to adjust the display of your Pipeline: 

  • change your Pipeline Visualization 
  • expand your Pipeline to full screen mode
  • hide / display your Pipeline Newsfeed

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