Feature Overview: Magic Columns

Magic Columns that help automate data entry for you. These special columns can be added from the same menu as a Custom Column, but they make it easier for you to track data as the system records it for you! 

The information in Magic Columns are usually non-editable and get automatically generated by Streak itself. If you remove a Magic Column you will not lose the data stored in it.

 Tip: Learn more with our Magic Column Deep Dive video, click to watch now!

Adding Magic Columns

You create a new Column by clicking the + button towards the far right-hand side of the Pipeline, or right-clicking on an existing Column header and selecting Insert Column from the Column menu. 

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to add a Column to a Pipeline"

Magic Column Options

Creation Data Columns- acts as a reference for who created a Box, how much time the Box has spent in the Pipeline and the Box's recent update activity. 

Freshness Column- an indicator of how long ago a Box was updated, relative to the other Boxes in your Pipeline.

Summary Column- the condensed form of email, file, comment, Task, Call Log, and Meeting Notes Count. Extremely helpful to see the Box's activity at a glance.

Email Data Columnsinformation is extracted from the emails add to the Box to surface email correspondence dates, volume, and included email addresses. 

Stage Data Columns- provides information on which Boxes are progressing along the Pipeline.

Task Data Columnssurfaces details on a Box's Tasks such as Tasks counts, Task assignees, and Task due dates. 

Comments Count Column- an indicator of the number of Comments added to a Box from Team collaborators.

Contact Data Column- identifies the last contact type between Email, Call, or Meeting. 

Call log / Meeting Note Data Columnsurfaces details on a Box's Call Logs and Meeting Notes such as total count and duration.

Follower Count Column- the number of collaborators following the Box. Distinguishes projects multiple people are working on.

File Count Column- useful for finding files added to your Box.

ID Column- a unique ID generated for that particular Box. Useful for when you need automatic unique values to distinguish Boxes.

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