How To Add Content To A Box

Once you've created your Box, add content to the Box to record all interactions around each deal such as: Emails, Comments, Call Logs, Meeting Notes, Tasks, and Files!

Adding Content to Your Box Timeline

  1. Navigate to the Box Details view
  2. Find the text field at the top of the Box Timeline
  3. Hover over the  icon to quickly select the content type first (as a Comment, Call Log, etc)
  4. Or begin typing right away and select which content type you would like to save the text in after!
  5. You can click POST to save the content to your Box or click the arrow for the pop out the window and continue editing 

Editing Content in Your Box Timeline

After your content has been added to the Box Timeline, you can select to open and edit, or delete the content directly from the Timeline. Simply hover over the content in the timeline to find the action items. 

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