How To Assign Responsibility To A Box

After you've created your Team's Pipelines to manage business processes like sales and hiring, you'll need a way to track who is responsible for managing the relationships with each individual sales lead or candidate. This is where assigning Box ownership can come in handy!

The Assigned To column is listed as a pre-configured column in every Pipeline and can be added or removed (hidden) from the Pipeline from the column menu. The Assigned To column can be used to control Pipeline access permissions and can also affect Box update notifications. Because of this, it's important to use Streak's Assigned To column rather than creating a custom Assigned To column from different column type. 

How can I assign a Box?

Whoever you’ve shared the Pipeline with is a potential assignee. Click into the Assigned To column from the Pipeline spreadsheet view or with the Box details view and begin typing the assignee's name. We will automatically display a list of assignee options to choose from. Click on one of the results to assign the Box. 

To remove a user from the Assigned To filed, you can delete the cell value from the Pipeline spreadsheet view or click the 'x' next to the Assigned To value in the Box details view. 

How can I assign multiple leads at a time?

For multiple leads, you can copy and paste the desired assignee into a selection of cells (just like a spreadsheet).

Can I assign Boxes on import?

Yes! You can assign Boxes via import as long as the the assignee's has been shared on the Pipeline, Assigned To column is visible in the Pipeline, and the assignee's email address is listed in the import file's Assigned To column. 

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