How To Customize My Box View Layout

Sections of the Box Detail View are re-arrangeable and completely customizable to your preference. Customize the arrangement of one of your Boxes in a Pipeline and all other Boxes in that Pipeline will be saved just how you like it! This is more than a one-size fits all. Box layouts are tailored to your account, so each collaborator on a Team can have a unique Box Details View layout.


Adjust the split screen width of your Box, by dragging the divider to the left or right.


Switch the left-right panels to save your Box timeline on the right with your Box data on the left, or vice versa!

Collapse / Expand

Click the arrow on each section of your Box data fields to collapse and hide the section from sight or expand the section to view or make edits. 


Hover over the left side of each data section to drag and drop into your preferred ordering.

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