How To Edit Box Details

The amount and type of information in your Boxes will be determined by the column structure of your Pipeline. Once you have customized your Pipeline, you can edit the information of a Box with three methods:

From An Email Thread

Go to an email that is part of a Box, you'll see the box information show up on the right side. You can edit the Box information there.

From The Pipeline View

The second method involves going to the Pipeline Spreadsheet View where the Box is listed. In this spreadsheet table you can edit the Box information there.

From The Box View

For the third method you can go to an email that's part of the Box and then click on the name of the Box on the right side, taking you to the Box view. You can also go to the Box view by clicking on the Box icon in the spreadsheet table in Pipeline view. From the Box view you can edit the Box's information

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to see the box details"
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