How To Find, Prevent, And Manage Duplicate Boxes In A Pipeline

Uh-oh, found a duplicate Box in your Pipeline? With many users collaborating together on the same Pipeline, it is possible that you may end up with a duplicate Box here or there. Here are some tips to finding, preventing, and managing duplicates:

How can I find duplicate Boxes in my pipeline?

A quick and easy way to find duplicate Boxes in your Pipeline is to sort by your Pipeline's Name column from A -> Z to using the column menu. This will allow you to quickly align all Boxes in alphabetical order and visually detect any duplicate Boxes in your Pipeline. 

If you would like to find duplicate Boxes across all stages, you can choose to Group By another column in your Pipeline, such as a custom column like 'Company Location'.

How can I prevent duplicate Boxes in my Pipeline?

We've built a couple of tools within the extension to warn you of duplicate Boxes.

If you are creating Boxes from your Pipeline, we will prompt you with a warning that there is already an existing Boxes with that name.

If you are creating Boxes from an email thread, we will also prompt you when there is already a Box with that name to add the email thread to an 'Existing Box'.

If you are creating Boxes from an import file, you will want to clean the file of duplicates before importing the records into your Pipeline. 

How can I manage duplicate Boxes in my Pipeline?

There are two primary ways of managing duplicate Boxes in your Pipeline.

Copy over the data and delete the duplicate Box- If you are looking to consolidate your two Boxes together, you can copy your box data with Streak's batch copy/paste functionality. This will allow you to copy multiple cells at a time from your Pipeline view and then paste them into your primary box to move the custom column data over. Please note that you would still need to copy and paste the contents of your Box (Call Logs, Meeting Notes, Tasks, comments) and then re-associate your email threads to the primary box before deleting the duplicate.

Link the duplicate Boxes together- If you would like to preserve the timestamps and historical data of your duplicate box, you can link the two Boxes together with Streak's Linked Boxes feature. Linking Boxes will allow you to move back and forth between relevant Boxes easily, but will not sync information from one Box to another. 

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