How to move a Box to a different Pipeline

Moving boxes between pipelines is really useful if you have more than one pipeline where you manage the same customer. With the ability to move Boxes you can now start a customer in your Sales pipeline and – once you close the deal – move the customer to an Accounts Management pipeline.

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to move a Box"

Moving Boxes to Another Pipeline in Bulk

  1. Navigate to the pipeline where the box or boxes currently live.
  2. Select what you would like to move with the checkboxes to their left.
  3. Select the Move checked box(es) to different pipelines button in the pipeline toolbar.

Check for matching Custom Columns before moving your Box...

Moving the box will move the box's details and any emails, comments, files, tasks and timeline entries that are inside the box to its new pipeline. One thing to be careful about is when the new Pipeline doesn't have the same custom columns that its current pipeline does. You will lose that data if you do not have corresponding columns in the new pipeline. The custom column data will only if a move with the box if a similar custom column also exists in the new pipeline. 

Note - When moving a box that contains dropdown columns between pipelines, the options in the dropdown menu won't be automatically added to the new pipeline. You will want to add matching dropdown options to the new pipeline before moving the box over, or that data will be lost.

Example - If your box has a dropdown option like "Apple" selected and you want to move it to a new pipeline, you'll need to add "Apple" as an option to the dropdown column in the new pipeline before moving the box over.

For an easy way to ensure that both pipelines have the same column configurations, you can select the option to Create Similar Pipeline from the pipeline menu to clone your current pipeline's structure. You can then customize the copied pipeline further, keeping the columns that you need to preserve the box data when moved. 

Why can't I move my Boxes across Pipelines?

If you are trying to move a box from one pipeline to another and receive an error that the box cannot be moved, you may be trying to move a box to a pipeline owned by a different team. If this is the case, please Contact Us for help. 

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