How To Search For Boxes

Search is an integral part of Gmail and Streak, and we've built some tools to make your search experience substantially easier. 

Autocomplete Search In Gmail's Search

Quick, we've got it! Streak has leveraged Gmail's search bar to help surface your Boxes faster. Just go into the search input like normal and start typing - you'll now start to see Streak results show up instantly. You can use the keyboard or mouse and select the results just like any of the other options.

You can search for an entire Pipeline, a entire Saved View, or a Box by name, email addresses, notes field, and free form custom columns. Results are contextual based on most recently edited so that we show you active Boxes first. We've also included additional information about the Boxes, like the Pipelines/stage/assigned to, so you can quickly distinguish Boxes from each other.

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to find a box"

Click-Through In Gmail's Search

Completing your search term and clicking Enter will also display the list of matching Boxes in your search results along with Gmail's search results for matching emails. 

You can hide and unhide Streak's search results by toggling the Box list to expand or collapse.

Search In A Specific Pipeline 

If you have a large Pipeline and want to find data quickly, using Ctrl-F (or Cmd-F on a Mac) will highlight all the matching cells in the Pipeline. This is really handy for finding obscure Boxes in big Pipelines.

Search To Add An Email To A Box

When adding an email thread to a Box, you can search for an existing Box or create a new one on the spot. Typing the Box name in the search field will display 'Existing Boxes' of matching results with most recently edited Boxes showing first. We've also included additional information about the Boxes, to easily find the Box you need. 

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