Using The Box Timeline

When you're working with a lead (or customer, or candidate), your Streak Box becomes the central location that saves the details and interactions you have with that lead from introduction to closing. From the Box Timeline, you can do the following:

Add Content

At the top of the Box Timeline, you will find a large text field to quickly add new content to the Box Timeline below. Read more about the type of content that can be added to your Box here

View the Box History

The Box Timeline lists the Box edits in chronological order to capture the full history of that lead. 

Under the text field, you will find the Box Timeline divided into 5 tabs. You can view all of your Box content in the ALL tab or switch tabs to see only your Box's Emails, Comments, Files, or a custom filtered view of the Box Timeline (such as a combination of emails + comments + tasks).

Want to see more (or less) detail in your Box Timeline? You can show or hide your Box edits with the blue toggle switch.

Take Action

Various edits can be made to the content from the timeline by hovering over the content entry. On a Task, for example, you can delete, edit, or assign a user or due date to your Task.

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