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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2012 10:21PM PST
By the end of this article you should have Streak installed and created your first Pipeline and Box. Don't worry too much about what those words mean, we'll get to them later.

First thing's first, make sure you're running a browser that is compatible with Streak. You can see which browser's Streak supports here.

Install Streak Chrome Extension

    1. go to the Streak homepage found at

    2. in the Setup Bar click on "Add Streak to Chrome"

    3. a popup will come up, click "Add"

    4. you'll then see a notice in the top of Chrome informing you that the Streak extension was successfully installed

Login to Streak

    1. click on the "Login to Streak" button

    2. a popup window will come up asking for permissions

   3. click "grant access"

   4. now open a new tab and go to

Create your first Pipeline

  1. once you've logged into gmail, you should see some new additions to the traditional gmail interface:
        - in the top menu you'll see the Streak menu


       - in the gmail toolbar you'll see the Boxes button

       - and in the left menu you'll see the "Pipelines" link

note: if you don't see the Boxes button and Pipelines link that means you're not logged into Streak. Click the Streak menu item at the top to  start the login process.

    2. click on the Pipelines link to bring up the Pipeline templates menu

    3. select one of the Pipeline templates that is more relevant to you

    4. you've now created your first Pipeline

Create your first Box with an Email

Now that you've created a Pipeline you can make your first Box.

    1. click on an email that you want to organize
    2. once you're looking at the email thread, click on the Boxes Button in the toolbar

    3. click on "Create new box"

    4. give the Box a name or use one of the suggested names

    5. click "Create"

    6. you should see the Box widget come up on the right side of your email

    7. you can now add extra information about this Box to keep notes, or whatever is relevant to you

What to do now?

You've now created your first Pipeline and your first Box and you're ready to go.

Now you can add more information to the Box you just created, or you can create more Boxes for other emails you want to manage and organize.

To see and manage all the boxes you've created click on the Pipelines link on the left and select the Pipeline that you created. This will take you to what we call the Pipeline View or Spreadsheet View. Just like a spreadsheet you can edit the information of any box quickly and easily. You can also click on the black box icon beside a row and that'll take you to the Box View where you can see more details about that particular Box, including attached files and all the emails that have been organized.

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