How To Enable Email Tracking And Find View Information

The Email Tracking tool is a great way to stay on top of your leads. Streak will notify you when a recipient of one of your tracked emails has opened the email. You can also see the full history of when, where and how many times recipients have opened your email. 

Enable Tracking OF Your Emails

The first thing to do to get started with Email Tracking is to toggle the feature on while composing an email using the "eye" icon shown below:

You can also default Email Tracking to on or off in the Streak Settings tab in Gmail's settings interface.

Configure Your Notification Preferences 

In your Streak Settings interface which can be accessed inside the Gmail Settings (see screenshot below), you can adjust your notification preferences to alert you of a view via browser, email, or both! You can also disable your tracking notifications entirely from your Settings. 

If you have enabled browser notifications for your tracked emails, you will want to ensure you have enabled desktop notifications in your Chrome or Safari browser settings

View Email Tracking data

Spot your tracked emails from anywhere in your inbox! Tracked emails can be identified with the same eye icon found in your compose window. Anywhere you can view an email, also view the tracking status:

  • A grey icon will indicate that the email has been tracked, but not opened 
  • A green icon will indicate that the email has been opened and read 
  • No icon means Email Tracking was not enabled in the email message

Mousing over the Tracking icon in the inbox will display the total number of views. You can also view the Email Tracking sidebar inside the email thread:

Sort By Response

To quickly find which emails need followup, we've included a few sub-folders in your Gmail interface. These folders show up underneath your Sent Mail folder, and if you don't want to see it you can just click the triangle to toggle it off.

All Tracked Emails

Clicking on this folder will do exactly what you think. You'll be able to find your full list of tracked emails all in one spot! 

Recently Viewed

Sort your email not by when you sent it, but when it was viewed! This folder will take you to a list 45-50 of your most recently viewed emails. We annotate this list with the actual view date and order the emails based on when they were viewed (newest up top) instead of when you sent out the email. 

The best part of this list is that it's just a regular list of emails inside of Gmail. This means you can star, label, read the thread, add it to a Box, etc. Just like any list of emails.

Awaiting Replies

Last, but definitely not least, is the Awaiting Reply folder. See all the messages that need follow up in one location. In this folder, we show all of the emails in your 50 most recently sent emails that haven't been replied to.

Integrated With Email Sidebar

For even more details and stats, simply open any tracked email and the right sidebar of Gmail will show a timeline of reads of each individual message, including:

  • total view count
  • a visual of the history of your message views 
  • a full list of every time (and device type if available) the message has been read
  • what part of a city your recipient has viewed your message (if location data is available)

Integrated With Search 

Finally, you can search for tracked emails by adding the "has:tracking" to any search query. This will limit your searches to just emails that have tracking enabled. 

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