How To Unlock Unlimited Email Tracking

You can get unlimited tracking for life by sharing Streak with 5 or more friends for free, or you can upgrade to a Streak Professional or Streak Enterprise plan to get unlimited Email Tracking.

The free Streak Personal plan gives you 200 tracked emails per month — sharing with friends means you'll have unlimited tracked emails, completely free! You'll be given the option to share when you first start with Email Tracking or when you hit the 200 email limit in a month with a popup notification. 

Here's how to unlock unlimited tracked emails:

  1. Go to the in-app help 
  2. Click Unlock Unlimited Email Tracking 
  3. Add 5 or more friends from your contacts
  4. Click Invite friends
  5. Your friends will receive an invitation from you, encouraging them to try Streak

After sharing Streak, you will unlock unlimited Email Tracking and will be able to use Email Tracking continuously without interruption.

If you do not want to share Email Tracking with 5 friends for unlimited use, you can remove the limit notification by adjusting your Email Tracking from defaulted on to defaulted off. This will allow you to pick and choose which emails you would like to enable Email Tracking in each month using the eye icon in your compose window. By limiting Email Tracking to a select few emails, you will never reach your 200 email limit.

Here's how to adjust your Email Tracking settings to defaulted off:

  1. Go to your Streak Settings
  2. Change Track Emails by Default to Disabled 
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