Feature Overview: Email Tracking

Email tracking is one of Streak's most popular power tools. It can help you understand when, where, and how a recipient is reading your emails.

Like all email tracking tools, though, it is fallible, and cannot be relied on as an absolute source of truth. 

Learn how to enable Email Tracking, configure your notification preferences, and find view counts here. If you're unsure if email tracking is working in your account, please refer to our Email Tracking FAQ to find answers to some common questions and issues.

Who uses email tracking?

  • Sales – Receive a notification when your proposal is viewed, and you’ll know exactly when to follow up. Know if your email is read and not responded to or if they never opened the email.
  • Support – Know if your support message has resolved an issue or if the contact hasn’t yet read your message yet.
  • Fundraising – When you’re trying to get financial documents in order, is your investor forgetting to follow through or do they simply need more time?

How does email tracking work?

Email Tracking works by inserting a teeny tiny image, called a "tracking pixel," into an email. When the receiver opens the email, their email provider has to make a request to our server to retrieve the tiny image.

Depending on the individual user settings, the mail program settings, and the device, we receive varying amounts of information about the recipient when they open the tracking image and count this as a "view." If the pixel is never opened, we receive no information at all.

Can my recipient tell if I'm tracking the email I send?

You should generally assume "yes." 

Streak won't display a notification or add any kind of messaging to your email, but as mail clients get more sophisticated and focused on privacy, it's possible that your recipient will be alerted of email tracking being attached to your message. 

The majority of recipients won't notice by default, though, and will simply be asked to display images in the email thread if they have images turned off by default.

Can I see exactly which of the recipients opened it?

This isn't possible. 

If a tracked email is sent to more than one recipient or if the email has been forwarded, we will detect the total number of views. We cannot detect who is specifically viewing the email.

How do I turn on or turn off Email Tracking by default?

Inside your Gmail settings, navigate to the Streak Settings tab and select either "Enabled" or "Disabled" next to the "Track Emails by Default" option:

Can I start tracking or stop tracking an email I've already sent?

This is not possible. Once an email is sent either with or without the image, it isn't possible to add or remove it. 

If you know the message will be threaded (or grouped into a conversation), sending a reply with a tracking pixel is an option, but might be obvious to your recipient.

Can I mute notifications for only one tracked email?

You will want to adjust your notification preferences in your Streak Settings from browser notifications to email notifications. Then you can create the email filter with the following configuration to stop receiving notifications for a specific email: 

  • From: notifications@streak.com
  • Subject: Someone just viewed "email subject"
  • Action: Delete it
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