Feature Overview: Email Tracking

Streak helps you see which messages are soliciting a response and primes you for the perfect moment to respond. Our Email Tracking feature lets you know when someone has read your emails. With Email Tracking, you'll be able to know exactly when a critical sales lead or customer has read your email so you can take appropriate follow up actions.

Who Uses Email Tracking?

Sales- Receive a notification when your proposal is viewed, and you’ll know exactly when to follow up. Know if your email is read and not responded to, or never reaches the recipient.

Support- Know if your support message has resolved an issue or if the contact hasn’t yet read your helpful message.

Fundraising- When you’re trying to get financial documents in order - is your investor forgetting to follow through or do they simply need more time?

Learn how to enable Email Tracking, configure your notification preferences, and find view counts here

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