How To Filter, Sort, And Group Boxes

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Trying to find specific Boxes of relevance in your Pipeline? There are several manipulations you can do to make the spreadsheet view more manageable. 

To begin:

  1. Click the button that says Filter, Sort, Group at the top of the Pipeline
  2. Next you can enter the parameters of your search (see below)
  3. Click the blue Apply button to show the matching data


Filters search your Pipeline for Boxes that match the criteria of your choosing. For example, you can Filter your Pipeline to "only show Boxes that are assigned to me".

Click "add" to add a new filter rule. The first dropdown lets you select which field you want to filter on (name, stage, any of your custom columns). The second dropdown specifies the operation. The last input is the value you want to filter on.

You can add multiple filter rules that will all apply at the same time to the list. For example, you can Filter to "only show Boxes that have been created in the last 7 days AND are assigned to me".  Clicking the + button and choose whether your results must satisfy both criteria, one of the criteria or none.

Once you have your Filter rules setup press Apply to filter the list.


Sorting allows you to define what order Boxes should be sorted by. For example, you can Sort all Boxes "alphabetically A-Z according to the Name column".

You can also Sort by multiple columns simultaneously. Once you have your Sorting rules setup press Apply to view the results. 

Tip: In the Pipeline view you, can quickly sort your Boxes alphabetically by clicking on the names of the column of the spreadsheet to find the column menu.


By default, the Pipeline is grouped according to the Stage column. Your may choose to group the Pipeline by any column. For example, you can Group all Boxes "based on the person assigned to each Box".

Once you have your Grouping rules setup press Apply to view the results. 

Can I save these results?

Yes! Pipelines that have been Filtered/Sorted/Grouped can be saved in a new Saved View to quickly reference this data in the future. More info on Saved Views here

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