How To Organize Pipelines Into Different Saved Views

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Saved Views are a key feature of Streak! A Saved View helps surface relevant Boxes in your Pipeline, customize column order, and hide unneeded fields.

By default (no Saved View applied) the Pipeline will display all Boxes and all Columns. Because this default view contains more information than is needed for an individual task, we recommend creating a different Saved View for each frequently repeated task. 

How to create a new Saved View

You can create a Saved View by clicking the Filter/Sort/Group at the top of your Pipeline. 

You can now filter your Pipeline down to just the Boxes you care about. The first section allows you to Filter your Boxes that match a specific criteria, and the second section allows you to select how to Sort and Group the view of these Boxes. 

Once you apply the settings, you’ll see the results of your view which you can then save. Select a name that appropriately indicates what you’re looking at in that particular window.

In your new Saved View, you can also freeze, hide, reorder, and re-size your columns. These configurations will save with the Saved View for future viewing. 

Please note that adding a column and deleting a column from your Saved View will also add or delete the column from your main Pipeline view. 

How to access and manage existing Saved Views

Find existing Saved Views nested underneath the name of each Pipeline in the left navigation bar. Anyone else shared on the Pipeline will be able to see the views as well. 

To access additional options, right click on an individual Saved View:

  • Show in Inbox- will pin that specific view to the top of your Gmail, called Heads Up
  • Starred- the order of the views
  • Rename, Duplicate, and Delete options operate as named.

When you have more than 6 Saved Views, we will help collapse your saved views into a more manageable list. We will display 4 Saved Views by default, the system will display all starred views so you can use the 'Star' function to show more than 4 views at one time. To see all of your Saved Views, click Show More to find the Saved View Manager.  

From the same screen, also note you can now click and drag the list of Views to reorder them in your left navigation bar.

As before, Saved Views are shared with everyone shared on a Pipeline. However, starred views and the order of the views are specific to each user.

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