Using Saved Views For Pipeline Organization

Saved Views are a key feature of Streak! A Saved View helps surface relevant Boxes in your Pipeline, customize column order, and hide unneeded fields for the task at hand.

By default your Pipeline will display all Boxes and all Columns. Because this default view contains more information than is needed for an individual task, we recommend creating a different Saved View for each frequently repeated task. 

Getting Started

You can create a Saved View by clicking the Filter/Sort/Group funnel icon at the top of your Pipeline. To find Boxes that match a specific criteria, use the first section to Filter which Boxes you would like to view and the second section to Sort and Group how those Boxes are displayed. 

Once you apply the settings, you’ll see the results of your view which you can then save. Select a name that appropriately indicates what you’re looking at in that particular window.

Ways To Use Saved Views

  • Filter for your largest deals 
    • "Deal Size" Column > greater than >x
  • Group deals organized by various sales reps
    • Group by > Assigned To
  • Sort for stale leads
    • "Date of Last Updated" > ordered oldest to newest
  • Verify data integrity
    • Stage > "Negotiation" and "Deal Size" > is not set  

Making The Most Of Saved Views

Saved Views + Magic Columns: Magic Columns are a key ingredient to Saved Views for helping you surface Boxes that need action like helping remind you to reach out to new candidates, following up on leads, or closing support tickets.

Show In Inbox: Once you've created a high-value Saved View, give it maximum impact by selecting to "Show In Inbox". With this Saved View setting selected, we'll display your Saved View results at the top of your inbox above your unread email messages so you can't miss them! 

Saved View Manager: Once you've created 6 or more Views on a pipeline, we'll created an extra menu to help you better manage your Team's Saved Views. Star your favorite Saved Views or re-order your Saved Views from the manager. 

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