How to Install the Streak Add-on

1. If you are trying to install the Streak Add-on for Android and/or Chrome but are seeing a greyed-out install button, this is likely related to your team's G Suite settings.

a. Gmail Add-ons are not yet available for iOS but the Streak Add-on will be available as soon as Google launched support for iOS.

2. Contact your team's G Suite administrator and ask them to enable the ability for their G Suite team members to install Add-ons.

3. Once enabled, each individual user on your team will need to install the Streak Add-on to their account. Each user has to do this individually; the G Suite admin cannot install the Add-on for each user company-wide. The easiest way for users to install the Add-on is from the G Suite Marketplace.

a. When a user clicks "Install" it will enable for all of their devices that have access to that email account. No need to install on each device. If you have trouble installing from Android you can log in from Chrome and vice-versa.

4. Please Note - If you are your company's G Suite super administrator, installing the Streak Add-on will install the Add-on for all of your G Suite users domain wide.

5. When loading the marketplace, it may not select the Gmail email account you clicked the link from. You can switch Gmail accounts account on the top, righthand corner to install the Add-on to your correct Gmail account:

Another version, click on the hamburger menu icon:

Then click on your user icon and select the correct account:

6. Once installed you will see the Add-on inside the Gmail app on your Android phone when opening an existing email thread or clicking "Reply" to a thread:

Click the Streak icon and you can add the email thread to a Box, open an existing Box, and reply to the email thread using a Snippet:

7. On the Streak desktop version for Chrome, the Add-on will run when the Streak extension is disabled. For full Streak functionality on your desktop, we recommend continuing to use the Chrome extension while we work on adding new features.

8. Read this article for more info on how to use the Add-on

9. To Uninstall - Go to the G Suite Marketplace and hover over the "Streak CRM Add-on for Gmail" and click the three dots next to the name and click to remove.

10. Stay tuned for more updates and features to the Streak Add-on!

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