Working In Your CRM

Now that you have your Pipeline framework established, let's drill down into an individual Box to explore the content that provides context to your leads. Think of your Pipeline as your high-level list of leads, where each Box can be opened for more details.

When you add a new Box to your Pipeline, we create a custom page for that Box called the 'Box Details View'. On this page, you can view the most important information about your leads including Custom Column Data, Notes, Emails, Contacts, Comments, Files, Tasks, Call Logs, Meeting Notes, and a timeline of the Box's activity... it's everything you need to know about that lead, available at your fingertips! 

To access the Box Details View, click on the Box icon at the end of the row in your Pipeline or search for the Box by name in the top Gmail search bar. 

Adding Custom Data To Your Box

The Custom Columns added to your Pipeline are used to collect the specific pieces of data you would like to know about each lead. Each 'fact' about your Box should have its own column. In the Box Details View, these same custom fields can be accessed under the section labeled 'Custom Columns'. We offer a range of Columns to store your information in the appropriate format, so you might edit these fields with free-form text, with a date, or even by selecting from a list of drop-down options. Reference all Custom Column formatting options here. 

Adding Emails To Your Box

Keeping your email communications organized is easier with Streak when you add them to your Boxes. When you receive an email from a lead that you would like to save to Streak, simply click on the Box button in the top toolbar and add that email thread to the lead's existing Box. If it's a new lead, you can create a new Box in your Pipeline on the spot from the same toolbar button.

When an email is added to a Box, you will immediately see the Box information load in your Gmail sidebar to reference or update. The fields you see in your email sidebar are the same fields that are shown from the Pipeline View and the Box Details View, making it easy to update your Box information on the fly! You'll also be able to see all email threads associated with a Box from its Box Details View. 

For convenience, you can add an email to a Box in three locations: while viewing the email thread (as described above), from your Inbox, and from a new email compose window. Read about all three methods here. 

Adding Contacts To Your Box

Contacts and Organizations exist within Boxes to save profile information about the individual people you interact with during your business process. After adding an email to a Box, Streak will automatically suggest Contacts or Organizations related to that email thread. Click on each suggestion to add that Contact or Organization to the Box or type in one manually.

Streak will automatically gather information about a new Contact from public sources, adding rich contact data including that person's name, photo, and social media profiles if available. To add more details, such as phone numbers or mailing addresses, click on the Contact or Organization in your Box to expand their Contact Card. 

For convenience, you can add a Contacts and Organizations to Boxes in three locations: from within the Pipeline, from within the Box Details View, or from the email sidebar. Read about all three methods here. 

Adding Content To Your Box

Record the work involved in nurturing your leads by adding content to your Box. At the top of the Box Details view click the + symbol and select from the content options and click POST to save to your Box's timeline. 

  • Comments: Leave comments in your Box for timestamped contextual notes on the progression of your sale. The Box's Timeline will save these comments for future reference. 
  • Tasks: Create multiple Tasks for each Box to stay on top of your to-dos. Assign due dates to sync with your Google Calendar. 
  • Meeting Notes & Call Logs: Save Meeting Notes or Call Logs to record all of the details of your face-to-face and phone conversations with your leads. Save the meeting or call duration and know exactly how much time you've invested in each lead. 
  • Files: When an email is added to a Box, Streak will automatically scrape any attachments from the email and display them in your Box for hands-free, easy access. You can also manually upload files to a Box from your desktop or from your Google Drive account. 

You're on your way to mastering your CRM! Let's walk through some other ways Streak can help you master your email.  Up Next:  Working With Email Power Tools 

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