Working With Email Power Tools

Because of Streak is tightly integrated with your Gmail account we've included some features to help offer a better email experience. The best part is all of our Email Power Tools are immediately available for use after installation. Easily access them directly from a new Gmail Compose window and find them when you need them! 

Mail Merge 

Mail Merge is the fastest way to contact a large number of people with a customized, personal message. In order to send out mass customized emails, you'll need a list of email addresses but also the data to customize each email. They can be customized to include the person's name, address or even the most recent product they bought. Thankfully – if you're a current Streak user, you already have this data in your Pipelines. If you're a new Streak user or just want to use the Mail Merge functionality, you can also upload a CSV file for an individual Mail Merge.

To start a Mail Merge, click the Mail Merge link in your Compose Window (see #1 in the image above) and choose to either select your email addresses from your Pipeline or to upload a CSV file with the information for that Mail Merge. Then compose your email, select from the Mail Merge Templates to customize your message, and press Send to send your emails in bulk. 

Send Later

The Send Later feature of Streak lets you schedule emails now that will be delivered in the future. This feature allows you to schedule your emails so that they'll be delivered at a time that they're most likely to be read. 

After composing an email to a recipient, select the Send Later button in your Compose Window (#2 above) and select the date and time that you would like the email to send. You can also schedule replies to be sent in the future as well! 

Add to Box

Boxes are similar to leads or opportunities. They're the storage unit that contains the whole history of a customer's interaction with you. You can add an email directly to a box, even before you send one, by pressing the Streak icon to the right of Send Later (#3 above).

Email Tracking 

Email Tracking is a feature in Streak that lets you know when someone has read your email. When email tracking has been enabled for a message, Streak will notify you when a recipient has opened your email. You can also see the full history of how many times and when recipients have opened your email. 

To enable Email Tracking, select the eye button in your Compose Window (#4 above) which will then highlight orange. You can also enable Email Tracking for all future sent emails by default from your Streak Settings. 


Snippets are a way to avoid writing repetitive emails over and over by hand. If you're consistently sending the same emails to multiple people then Snippets are a great way to speed up writing those emails. 

You can select from existing or create new Snippets from the Snippet button in your Compose Window (#5 above). When creating a snippet you define both the full text of the email body along with a shortcut code. Next time, you can type the shortcut code and it will automatically be replaced with the Snippet's full text. 

Now you're all set up, you're ready to dive right in!   Up Next: Tips From The Pros

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