Joining An Active Pipeline

After installing Streak and joining your Team, you can now find your Team's Pipelines in your Pipelines list (in the left sidebar amongst your Gmail folders). If you do not see your Team's Pipelines, you may need to remind your admin to share the Pipeline to you.

Getting The Lay Of The Land

Clicking into a Pipeline will take you to the Pipeline's Spreadsheet View. If the Pipeline is active, then you will see Stages and Columns that have been customized to your business process and a list of Boxes created by your Team. 

On the left, below the main Pipeline's name, your Team may also be using Saved Views. Saved Views are a filtered version of the main Pipeline, showing search results in spreadsheet format- all of the Boxes listed in the Saved View can be found in the main Pipeline as well. 

You can think of the spreadsheet views as a high-level list of leads, where each Box can be opened for more details. To access the Box Details View, click on the Box icon at the end of the row in your Pipeline or search for a Box by name in the top Gmail search bar. On this page, you can view detailed pieces of information about the lead and a timeline of the Box's activity. You can also view who is "Assigned To" the Box and responsible for its content and updates. 

In the Box Details View, you can also view and access all emails associated with that lead When an email is added to a Box, you and your team can view the thread even if they are not copied on the email, keeping them in the loop on important conversations. After adding an email to a Box, you will notice Box information available in your Gmail Sidebar for reference. These fields you see in your email sidebar are the same fields that are shown from the Pipeline Spreadsheet View and the Box Details View.

Creating And Updating Boxes

Adding new Boxes to your Pipeline is easy- just click the +New Box button at the top of the Pipeline and a new Box will be added as a new row in the spreadsheet. You will automatically be "Assigned To" the Box as the creator, but you can add additional users as collaborators on the Box or reassign the Box entirely to someone else shared on the Pipeline. 

The fields you see when you look at the spreadsheet are the same fields shown inside the Box, and the same fields you see in the right tab of emails that's been added to Streak. You can update a box in any of those three locations... and your teammates will immediately see the update!

Fill Up Your Boxes With Contents

Record the work involved in nurturing your leads by adding content to your Box. As you finish work, make sure to check off Tasks, add Comments, link Contacts, update custom fields, and more in your Boxes so your Team know what’s going on.

When you join an active Pipeline, the Pipeline will be continuously updated with new content by you and your Team.  UP NEXT: Keeping Up With An Active Pipeline

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