Keeping Up With An Active Pipeline

Shared Pipelines can generate a lot of activity as you and your colleagues create new leads and close deals. Below are our top suggestions to help you stay up-to-date with changes in your Pipeline.

Adjust Your Notification Settings

Users have the ability to receive browser and/or email notifications for a number of updates in Streak, including: when a Box has been assigned to you, when a Box changes stages, when a Task is due... and much more! Take total control over what notifications you want and how they'll be delivered. Notifications (and more) are accessed via your Streak Settings.

Follow Important Boxes 

For more control over your notification preferences, we differentiate between notifications from 'Changes to Boxes you follow' and 'Changes to all other Boxes'.

Changes to Boxes you follow will send you notifications for Boxes you explicitly follow or Boxes that you are Assigned To. To explicitly follow a Box, navigate to the Box Details View and click the bell icon in the top toolbar. Alternatively, you can unfollow a Box by deselecting the bell icon for less notifications. 

Reference The Box Timeline

When you're working with a lead (or customer, or candidate), your Streak Box becomes the central location that saves the details and interactions you have with that lead from introduction to closing. You can catch up on important changes to a Box using the Box's Timeline.

The Box Timeline lists the Box edits in chronological order to capture the full history of that lead. Under the text field, you will find the Box Timeline divided into 5 tabs. You can view all of your Box content in the ALL tab or switch tabs to see only your Box's Emails, Comments, Files, or a custom filtered view of the Box Timeline (such as a combination of emails + comments + tasks). Want to see more (or less) detail in your Box Timeline? You can show or hide your Box edits with the blue toggle switch.

Create Saved Views

A saved view will let you filter, sort and group your Pipelines to find Boxes that are most relevant to you. Once you apply the settings, you’ll see the results of your view which you can then save and remain updated automatically. Anyone else shared on the Pipeline will be able to see the views as well. These views can be accessed in the left sidebar of Gmail underneath each of your Pipelines.

Saved Views can be especially useful in reminding you to take an action. For example, if you want to make sure that your leads are moving through the Pipeline quickly, you can create a view which filters for Boxes "Assigned To" you where the "Date of Last Stage Change" is greater than 30 days ago. Stay on top of your leads before they go stale or fall through the cracks. 

You can also have Saved Views show up in your inbox. This eliminates a step for Pipeline views you’d like to constantly see, by putting it right in your inbox! Once you have saved the view, you’ll see a tick box on the top right to "Show In Inbox". Anytime a lead hasn’t changed stages in over 30 days, it’ll pop-up in your inbox. 

Enable Inbox Indicators

When an email is part of a Box, Streak can indicate that association using our label-like indicators. You can set your inbox indicators from your Streak Settings to show the Pipeline, Stage, Box name, or even who the Box is assigned to! This can be particularly handy, for example, in identifying which email conversations are in the Negotiating stage of your Sales Pipeline and need your immediate attention.

Now that you've found your rhythm, let's explore a few ways to customize your shared Pipelines.  UP NEXT: Individual vs Shared Settings On A Shared Pipeline

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