Creating A Streak Team

This Guide was designed for those of you who are ready to share Streak with your colleagues and start a new Streak Team.

Don't miss our Getting Started Guide if you'd like a refresher before we get going. Or, if you actually want to join an existing Streak team, perhaps our Joining an Active Team guide is where you want to be instead!

How does Streak use Teams?   

Now that you've got your Pipelines up and running, it’s time to start collaborating with your colleagues and really get the most out of Streak. Teams enable you to effortlessly share your Pipelines, Boxes, and Contacts so you don’t have to spend any more time forwarding emails, filling someone in, or forking over contact information. 

Why share Streak? 

Streak helps you sell more (hire better, support faster and more) by organizing and sharing all of the information you need to be your best. Here are some benefits you can highlight as you bring your colleagues on board:

  • Know who’s doing what, when – Streak tells you who’s doing what with clearly assigned Boxes and Tasks. Stay up-to-date with notifications on the Boxes you’re following and a detailed timeline of events saved for each Box if you need to go back and review. 
  • Always be in the loop – This means no more messy email chains and you'll never miss out on an important email conversation again. With easy email sharing capabilities, you'll always stay in-the-know even if you weren't cc'd or bcc'd on the thread. 
  • See your work in context  When everyone is working from the same Pipeline, you can see where your projects fit with your Team's overall progress. Track your work against your team’s progress on the Reports Dashboards.

Inviting Colleagues To Your Team

Because Streak is built for collaboration, we prepare your account for a Team as soon as you create your first Pipeline. If you’re the first person in your organization to use Streak, it's easy to invite a few colleagues to try it out with you:

  1. In the Streak menu at the top right of your Gmail browser, click the Teams section. 
  2. On the Teams page, select the Add/Remove Team Members link 
  3. Add the desired users by their Gmail email address (careful to list their email and not an alias)
  4. Click Continue and then the Save Changes button to confirm

When a new user is added to your Team, they will receive an automated invitation email from Streak. After installing the Streak extension, they can accept the invite to join your Team and you'll be ready to start collaborating together. 

Don't see the Teams section in your Streak menu? Streak Teams are centered around Pipelines, so you'll want to ensure that you've created at least one Pipeline in your account first. 

To ensure smooth on-boarding, you'll want to consider tidying up your Pipelines in preparation for another user.  UP NEXT: Optimizing Your Pipelines for Teams

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