Managing Your Pipelines With Saved Views

It’s stressful and time consuming when your to-do list is a guessing game, especially when you have to sort through emails and other tools to figure out what’s happening. Streak helps you stay productive, organized, and to move work forward with your Team. Saved Views are a key feature in keeping up with all of the progress.

Staying Organized With Saved Views

Working from a shared Pipeline can generate a lot of activity. Saved views offer a way to filter, sort, and group your Boxes based on criteria that you define to help prevent work from falling through the cracks. Instead of seeing all Boxes in your Pipeline at once, you can filter your Pipeline to show only the Boxes that haven't been updated in more than 14 days (for example) to know which Boxes need attention. 

To start, click the Filter, Sort, Group button at the top of a Pipeline, then select from the dropdowns to find the Boxes that match your search. If you would like to reference these results later, save the parameters as a Saved View. All Saved Views can be accessed by everyone shared on the Pipeline and stay updated in real-time. 

What Am I Working On?

The "Assigned To" Column becomes particularly useful in defining which Boxes are yours in a shared Pipeline. Creating Saved Views using the "Assigned To" Column provides quick access to the Boxes most relevant to you. As you finish work, make sure to check off Tasks, add Comments, attach files, update custom fields, and more in your Boxes so your Team know what’s going on.

Pro Tip: After sharing your Pipeline with your Team, create Saved Views for each user so they can visualize and prioritize their work. 

What's Coming Up Next?

Saved Views can be created around Date Columns to get a clear picture of what your day, week, and month looks like so you can stay on top of deadlines and work on what matters most. Use Custom Date Columns, such as "Close Date", to know which deals are close to the finish line and need some extra attention. Use Date Magic Columns, such as "Date of Next Due Task", to know which Tasks need to be completed this week. 

Using Saved Views will help you stay organized so you don’t get caught by surprise or forget about an upcoming project, but how will you know if your Team is preforming well?  UP NEXT: Measuring Team Performance With Streak Reports

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