Optimizing Your Pipelines For Teams

Sharing Streak with your colleagues enables real-time collaboration on your most important business processes. Before bringing your Team onboard, you'll want to create a Pipeline that everyone can work on. Below are our top suggestions for preparing your Pipelines for Teams and establishing a few conventions to keep everyone on the same page.

Use The "Assigned To" Column 

The "Assigned To" column is included with every new Pipeline and is used to help indicate Box ownership. Up to this point (before sharing Streak with your Team) you likely wouldn't have needed this column and may have chosen to remove or hide it in your Pipeline. When working in a Pipeline with others, however, the "Assigned To" column is a crucial tool in knowing who's responsible for what work, so you'll want to add this Column back to your Pipeline before sharing with your Team. 

The "Assigned To" column will display the creator of the Box by default, but can be re-assigned to one or more Team Members shared on the Pipeline. In addition, the user "Assigned To" a Box will automatically receive update notifications about changes to that Box, if notifications have been enabled in their Streak Settings.  

Leverage Magic Columns

Let Streak do some of the work for you! Use Magic Columns to automatically show useful information about Boxes so there's less data entry for your and your Team. For example, use the "Date of Last Email" Column to show the last time you emailed a customer or use the "Total Email Message Count" to show the total number of emails it took to close a deal. Select from over 50+ Magic Column options for immediate data calculations. Read more on Magic Columns here

Standardize Your Data 

Sometimes, typos are an unavoidable human error. To help standardize your data for consistency and better reporting, use our 'structured data' columns: Dropdown, Tag, and Date Columns. This will keep your formatting consistent and prevent differences like 3/1 and Mar 1st. Read more on columns types here

If you're currently using a Free Form Column and would like to begin using one of the column types listed above, you can use Streak batch copy/paste functionality to copy over your Free Form data to your new Column. Just be sure to create your Dropdown or Tag options first before copying and pasting the information over.  

Set Required Fields 

Another way to ensure the data in your CRM is complete and uniform is to utilize Streak's Data Validation feature. Data Validators can help prevents errors in the moment they occur so that they can be fixed immediately. Add rules to your Pipeline to ensure certain pieces of data are filled in when the user tries to change the Stage of a Box. Streak can also block users from making an edit to a Box that would break a rule. Access to Required Fields is included in the Enterprise Plan, if you're considering using this feature contact our Sales Team for help! 

Now that you've prepared your Pipelines, they're ready for your Team!  Up Next: Sharing Your Pipelines 

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