Sharing Your Pipelines

Sharing your Pipelines with your Team is easy! After adding your colleagues to your Team, you can share your Pipelines with the click of a button.

You may only want to share one of your Pipelines with your Team (such as your Sales Pipeline) and keep the rest of your personal Pipelines private (such as your Wedding Planning Pipeline)... that's ok! You can have an unlimited number of 'Private' and 'Shared' Pipelines under your account. 

Sharing Your Pipeline With Your Team

To share a Pipeline, navigate to the Pipeline and click the blue Share button to launch the sharing options. If you would like to share the Pipeline with your entire Team, simply click Save Changes and your Team will gain immediate access to your Pipeline, including it's Boxes and associated Contacts. Once a Pipeline has been shared with your Team, all new Team Members will gain automatic access to this Pipeline as well. 

By default, all members of your Team will gain 'Can Edit' access to that Pipeline which will allow them to: 

  • view every Box in the Pipeline
  • edit every Box in the Pipeline 
  • add or modify Columns in the pipeline (cannot delete Columns)

Sharing Your Pipeline With A Subset Of Your Team

If you have a Pipeline that only needs to be shared with a few members of your Team, you can adjust your sharing settings further under the Advanced link in the sharing window. This section will allow you to adjust the Pipeline Permissions of your Team, including removing specific Team Member's access to that Pipeline. 

Under the Advanced link in the sharing window, you can also adjust your Team-wide sharing defaults for new users added to your Team. If you do not want to automatically share this Pipeline with new members of your Team, you can adjust the sharing setting default to 'No Access' and individually grant access to specific Team Members from the list below. 

Sharing Limitations On The Free Plan

If your Team is using Streak under our Free Plan, please note that there is a 50 Box limitation for shared Pipelines. While Private Pipelines can have an unlimited number of Boxes, you will need to upgrade to one of our Paid Plans for Shared Pipelines with 50 Boxes or more. 

Once you've shared your Pipelines with your Team you're ready to start tracking your work together. UP NEXT: Managing Pipelines With Saved Views

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