How to: Import Data into Streak

When migrating your data into Streak from another external source, one of the first things you will want to do is structure your Streak Pipelines to match the pre-existing structures of your workflows- this should make importing your data into Streak easy! 

If you haven't done so already, you will first want to read the Quick Start Guide to Streak. By the end of the Quick Start Guide, you will have created your first Pipeline and Box. Next...

Prepare Your Pipeline

In the Streak extension, you can start by customizing your basic Pipeline's Columns to accommodate your data. The minimum amount of information needed to import your file will be a Box "Name" but you can add as many Columns to your Pipeline as you need! For example, if you would like to import your customer's region, you will want to add a new Free Form Column to your Pipeline and title it "Region".

Prepare Your CSV

After you have structured your Pipeline in the Streak extension, you can export your pipeline format by selecting "Export Boxes to CSV" in the More dropdown. This exported CSV file will act as your new import template with column headers that match the column names in your Pipeline. Copy and Paste to match your data file to the Streak Pipeline template, where each Box is represented by a row in your spreadsheet. 

Import Your CSV

Now it's time to import your CSV file into the Pipeline! In the More dropdown above your Pipeline, select "Import Boxes from CSV" to upload your completed import template. Once the file has been uploaded Streak does some analysis to ensure the file is valid, and we'll notify you of any issues. You'll get a summary of the file - which matched Columns were found and how many Boxes were in the file before you commit and add the Boxes to the Pipeline (cancel the import if needed). 

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