Will Streak update existing Boxes from an import?

Streak's Pipeline importer can currently only create new Boxes and will not update existing Boxes in your Pipeline. 

If you find yourself repeatedly importing data into your Streak Pipelines from an external source you may accidentally create duplicates in your Pipeline. To prevent from importing duplicates, you will want to check for duplicates within your file before import. 

Google Sheets also offers a nifty tool to use that can be used to compare your import data with your existing Pipeline data. Here's how it works:

Export Pipeline Data

  1. Above your Pipeline in the Streak extension, click More > Export Boxes to CSV
  2. In your import spreadsheet, select File > Import  
  3. Click Select a file from your computer and upload your exported CSV file
  4. A window will open with some options for your Import Action, you will want to select Insert New Sheet(s). This will add your exported Pipeline data to a new tab of your import file

Download Google Sheet Add-on

  1. In your import file, click Add-on > Get Add-ons...
  2. Search for the add-on called Remove Duplicates
  3. Add this add-on to your Google Sheets for free

Compare Sheets

  1. After it has been added, highlight the column for your Box names in your import sheet
  2. Go to the drop down menu and select Remove Duplicates. 
  3. From the options, select Compare columns or sheets
  4. Follow the instructions to select to match the column for your Box names in your Pipeline export sheet
  5. Select to Find Duplicate Values and the desired action for the duplicates found (either delete them from your spreadsheet or highlight them for viewing). 

When all is said and done, you will be left with an import file that has been cleaned of duplicates and ready for import!

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