How To Export A Streak Pipeline

Note - Are you wanting to move your Streak data from one email account to another? If so, the Streak Support team can help do that for you, just send us an email to Exporting your Pipelines won't be the ideal solution for switching accounts.

To export your Pipeline's Column data:

  1. In the Pipeline toolbar click on the More dropdown
  2. Then select Export Boxes, to start the export
  3. You will then be asked if you would like to 'Choose Existing' or 'Create a New Spreadsheet'. 
    1. 'Choosing Existing' will open your Google Drive Spreadsheets. You can search or scroll to find your Google Sheet. You will then move to Step #4. 
    2. 'Choosing' New will take you to Step #4
  4. You will have the options to export only Boxes, Contacts, Organizations, or all. You can also choose a combination of the above. Click Next to move to Step #5 or Back to go back to Step #3
  5. You will then be given a summary on what you're exporting. If this doesn't look right, you can cancel and go back to the pipeline to make revisions. You're now ready to start your export
  6. Once the export is complete, you will have the option to open in Google Sheets or create a CSV. 
    1. Opening in Google Sheets will open the Sheet in a new browser tab. 
    2. Opening in CSV will automatically download the file

Please note that exporting your Boxes to a CSV file will export all data visible from the Pipeline spreadsheet view, but will not export the Box's content including: emails, files, Tasks, Call Logs, Meeting Notes. Additional Box data can be accessed and saved using Streak's API.

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