How To Import Data Into Streak

When importing your data into Streak, you will first want to consider how you would like your data to be represented in your Pipelines after the import. 

Step 1- Prepare Your Pipeline

You will want to take this opportunity to customize your Pipeline to accommodate your data now before running your import.

The minimum amount of information needed to import your file will be a Box "Name" but you can add as many Custom Columns to your Pipeline as you need! For example, if you would like to import your customer's region, you can add a new Free Form Column to your Pipeline and title it "Region".

Be sure to also consider the different Column types to find the best fit for your data. You may need to add a Date Column instead of a Free Form Column, for example, depending on the data you're about to import. 

Step 2- Install the Streak Importer Add-on for Google Sheets

After you have structured your Pipeline in the Streak extension, you're ready to work in your Google Sheets. The Streak Importer Add-on for Google Sheets can be installed for free directly from the Chrome Web Store by clicking the Install button. After the add-on has been installed, the Streak CRM Importer tool can be found in the Add-ons dropdown menu of your Google Sheets

Step 3- Launch the Streak Add-on to Import Your Data

Now it's time to import your data into the Pipeline! From the Add-on's dropdown menu from within your Google Sheet, simply select Start Importing and Streak will guide you through the required steps.

  1. Upload your data to your sheets
  2. Choose the Streak Pipeline you would like to import into
  3. Map your Pipeline Columns to your Google Sheets Columns
  4. Confirm some advanced importing options
  5. Then you'll get a summary of the file with and errors highlighted or the number of boxes to be created on import (up to 5,000 boxes can be created per import) 
  6. If everything looks good, then you can confirm the import or cancel if needed

You're done! You can now review the data that has been imported into your Pipeline back from within your Gmail. 

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